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Michael Erlanger referenced in September Issue of Rough Notes

In his latest column in the September issue of Rough Notes, “AIG and the Meth Labs of Finance: How the GLBA came to replace Glass-Steagall and led us astray”, Kevin P. Hennosy references a letter to the editor written by … Continue reading

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Marketcore Receives Patent for ‘Informational Netback’ System

From Securities Technology Monitor, September 28, 2011 by Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Marketcore said it received a patent for an “informational netback,’’ where financial market participants are compensated for revealing risks in contracts they undertake. The patent, styled as Efficient Markets for … Continue reading

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Informational Netbacking Patent Issued to Marketcore

WESTPORT, CT –, Inc. has been granted a third patent, Efficient Markets for Financial Products (US Patent 8,027,909). This patent relates to collecting financial product application and transaction information, providing the risk-detailing information to participants in financial and derivative … Continue reading

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AIG’s downfall and the transparency of derivatives

The following letter to the editor by Michael Erlanger appeared in the August issue of Rough Notes in response to Kevin Hennosy’s article in the June 2011 issue of Rough Notes, “Supervision & Regulation Aren’t the Same” : I read with … Continue reading

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Marketcore again featured in “Compliance Matters,” a publication of the Regulatory and Legislative Interest Group of the CPCU Society

Marketcore is once again featured prominently in Compliance Matters, a publication of the Regulatory and Legislative Interest Group of the CPCU Society. The current issue, July 2011, includes an article written by Hugh Carter Donahue, Ph.D., entitled, “One Solution for … Continue reading

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Transaction Credits and Marketcore Patent discussed in July Issue of Risk Magazine

In response to the SEC’s solicitation of comments on various proposals to reform the institutional framework of credit ratings, David M. Rowe writes in the July, 2011 Issue of Risk Magazine that: Trying to reform market structure in search of … Continue reading

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Marketcore featured in March Issue of Risk Magazine

In his article in the March, 2011 issue of Risk Magazine, David M. Rowe describes a solution to the financial crisis that would “force greater disclosure and increase transparency for both market participants and regulators.” He concludes that such a … Continue reading

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First mention of Marketcore’s technology and intellectual property in international press

Efficient Market Solution to the Economic Crisis – Hugh Carter Donahue explains the Marketcore technology enables efficient markets to address and correct the asset crisis. The Elevator published Donahue’s article in its fall issue. You can read the article below. … Continue reading

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Patent Awarded for “Ticker Tape” Identifying Risks in Bond Markets

From Securities Technology Monitor, August 18, 2010, by Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: “A Connecticut intellectual property development firm said it had received a patent for a data processing system that measures risks in bond markets and acts as a “ticker tape” for … Continue reading

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Comments on Proposed Rule on Consolidated Audit Trail, August 10, 2010

The following public comment was provided to the SEC on their proposed rule that would “require national securities exchanges and national securities associations (“self-regulatory organizations” or “SROs”) to act jointly in developing a national market system (“NMS”) plan to develop, … Continue reading

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