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System to share loan data has wide appeal

Marketcore’s risk assessment platform for mortgages is featured in an article, Uphill battle for data sharing on Wall St, written by Tracy Alloway and appearing in the January 2015 issue of The Financial Times and its website, The article begins:

“Inventor aimed to add information to assets as they changed hands”

“Transparency is rarely the name of the game on Wall Street, where there are large sums of money to be made by arbitraging informational advantages. This goes some way towards explaining the uphill battle faced by tech pioneers such as Michael Erlanger.

“Mr. Erlanger, a 71-year-old former bond broker, appears an unlikely digital inventor. When I first met him in December, he had brought one-time US comptroller-general David Walker to help explain the ideas behind his computerised creation. Mr. Walker, Mr. Erlanger joked, was better at defining the invention than its inventor.

“The roots of Mr. Erlanger’s invention lie in the early 1990s, when he was running a broker-dealer with his wife, Connie, that specialised in trading loans. For years, the duo shifted billions of dollars worth of — mostly subprime — mortgage paper between buyers and sellers.”

The piece goes on to discuss the evolution of Marketcore’s intellectual property and how Michael Erlanger worked to develop technological systems for aligning risk in loan data in near real time.

The full article is available to Financial Times subscribers here:

About Marketcore®
Founded in 2000, Marketcore ( is a privately held company based in Greenwich, CT. The Company’s proprietary tools deliver operating efficiencies, liquidity, value enhancement and complex risk assessment for the financial services and insurance industries. Their work has been cited by a number of leading risk managers, regulatory interests and others, including the Library of Congress Congressional Research Service in a “CRS Report to Congress: Financing Recovery from Large-Scale Natural Disasters, November 18, 2008.” Marketcore’s inventive methods are transforming the processes that surround financial market exchange use, risk ratings and information delivery.

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