Informational Netbacking Patent Issued to Marketcore

WESTPORT, CT –, Inc. has been granted a third patent, Efficient Markets for Financial Products (US Patent 8,027,909). This patent relates to collecting financial product application and transaction information, providing the risk-detailing information to participants in financial and derivative markets, using an enabling mechanism, a netback, that facilitates and compensates market participants for revealing risks in financial contracts. Marketcore develops solutions to those problems underlying financial markets, which negatively impact efficiency and profitability. The Company’s solutions have application in all markets for all financial products. Marketcore works with its partners in the development of these solutions and their deployment in credit markets, and in the insurance/reinsurance markets. Marketcore’s work has been licensed multiple times for applications in the origination of insurance.

About Marketcore®

Founded in 2000, Marketcore ( is a privately held company based in Westport, CT. The Company focuses on creating tools that improve operating efficiencies, liquidity, value enhancement and risk assessment for the financial services industry. Marketcore’s work has been uniquely recognized by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) in their November 2008 “CRS Report for Congress”. The Congressional Research Service is a legislative branch agency within the Library of Congress, providing bi-partisan policy and legal analysis to the House and Senate

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