Marketcore Awarded Patent for New Structure for Financial Market

WESTPORT, CT – Marketcore, Inc. today announced the June 22, 2010 issuance of US Patent 7742966, for ”Efficient Market for Financial Products.” This award of a second patent finalizes the company’s initial patent filings.

The company’s Co-managing Principal, Michael Erlanger, a Founder and the inventor of the company’s intellectual property, noted, ”We live in a leveraged world where reasonably liquid markets for loans and lines of credit (as well as other financial instruments) are essential to support thriving and growing economies. Thus, when there are liquid credit markets, economies can expand and contract with relative ease and without crisis. Our inventions enable buyers and sellers of credit to quickly understand all the risks they are acquiring and how those risks have changed since the loan(s) were created. Improved pricing, price discovery, counter party risk identification, and overall operating efficiencies lead to enhanced risk identification and risk mitigation. The resulting transparency also makes all parties to a transaction more accountable for disclosure and for the decisions they make. The contemporaneous flow of transaction and market data that our system creates has never before been available on the credit market – even though it is this sector that touches the lives of more Americans than any other. We believe that that feature of our invention – coupled with our tracking mechanism – will enable all market participants, including regulators, to do their jobs of transferring, pricing and managing risks more effectively. The issuance of the patent is a timely recognition, and a reminder that our financial infrastructure is in need of this type of improvement that will strengthen it for the future.”

About Marketcore®
Founded in 2000, Marketcore, Inc. ( is a privately held intellectual property development company based in Westport, CT. The Company focuses on creating tools that improve transparency, operating efficiencies, liquidity, value enhancement and risk assessment for the financial services industry. Marketcore’s work has been uniquely recognized by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) in their November 2008 “CRS Report for Congress” for having “identified the problems in the financial markets that led to the credit and liquidity crisis and devised a solution.

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