Marketcore Inc. Acknowledged in Regulatory and Legislative Publication as a Transparency-Generating Mechanism to Improve Risk Management

WESTPORT, CT – In the latest public validation of Marketcore, Inc.’s intellectual property, the June 2010 edition of “Compliance Matters“, a publication of the Regulatory and Legislative Interest Group of the CPCU Society, acknowledges in its editorial comments that “The Marketcore invention appears to reduce uncertainty and enable a more complete identification of risk in financial products.” Marketcore was also invited to contribute to the publication.

Connie Erlanger, co-Managing Principal of Marketcore said, “Marketcore was pleased to be asked by the editor of the CPCU Society’s Regulatory & Legislative Interest Group Newsletter to contribute our views on the role of appropriate disclosures in managing risk. Our patented methodology facilitates disclosures in financial contracts to assure proper market function, including markets for even the most complex instruments and their derivative products. By creating a dynamic, near- or real-time electronic environment, we can fully identify, describe, track and regulate risks across the full life cycle of a contract, enabling risk detection early on, whether specific or systemic. Our market-neutral invention provides direct economic or strategic benefits to market participants using a process that always results in lower costs. This process delivers operating efficiencies that improve the function of financial markets through increasingly granular risk identification. The CPCU editorial statements linking our work to such diverse interests as the proposed National Institute of Finance, the proposed New York Insurance Exchange or the recently enacted Insurance Exchanges envisioned by Health Care Reform speak directly to the range of applications of our system across financial markets.”

Matthew B. Schoen, founder and president of MB Schoen & Associates, Inc. (MBSA) said, “As principal of an insurance consultancy focused on product placement and administrative services, I think that there is nothing inherently sinister about companies guarding their information, including information which may be vital to regulators overseeing market and systemic risk. Therefore, in a time when certain information (e.g., mortgage underwriting standards) must be readily available for regulators to detect emerging systemic risk, a fundamental question presents itself: In a constantly evolving world, how do you assure that such information will continue to be shared in timely fashion without imposing draconian regulations? Marketcore has devised a market-based solution in which market participants provide economic incentives so that no matter what new risks or products come to dominate financial markets, information will be continuously shared, improving transparency, increasing liquidity, decreasing volatility and allowing regulators to spot systemic risks as early as possible.”

Download the CPCU Society Regulatory & Legislative Interest Group Newsletter (PDF)

About Marketcore®
Founded in 2000, Marketcore, Inc. ( is a privately held intellectual property development company based in Westport, CT. The Company focuses on creating tools that improve transparency, operating efficiencies, liquidity, value enhancement and risk assessment for the financial services industry. Marketcore’s work has been uniquely recognized by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) in their November 2008 “CRS Report for Congress” for having “identified the problems in the financial markets that led to the credit and liquidity crisis and devised a solution.

About the CPCU Society
“The CPCU Society ( is a community of credentialed property and casualty insurance professionals who promote excellence through ethical behavior and continuing education. The Society’s more than 28,000 members hold the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation, which requires passing rigorous undergraduate- and graduate-level examinations, meeting experience requirements, and agreeing to be bound by a strict code of professional ethics.”

About the CPCU Society Regulatory & Legislative Interest Group website: The group “promotes a healthy discussion and dialog on the rapidly evolving federal and state regulatory insurance arena. In a regulated industry where ‘compliance matters,’ the interest group provides information and insight on the laws and regulations affecting the business of insurance.”

About MB Schoen and COLIAudit
MB Schoen & Associates, Inc. (MBSA), an insurance consultancy specializing in institutional insurance product placement and administrative services. MBSA has extensive experience working with banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions that have special regulatory and accounting considerations.

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